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The heritage of Chinatown - revisited

A short documentary launched by Urban Redevelopment Authority featuring the development of Chinatown and showcasing businesses like Kim Poh Hong Goldsmith, the heritage and culture that is uniquely Chinatown.


This was where KIM POH HONG was born.... — at 41 China Street, Singapore.

About Kim Poh Hong

Kim Poh Hong Goldsmith has a long history of over three quarter of a century. In 1930 during the time of the Japanese invasion, Mr Tan Eng Geok, the founder of Kim Poh Hong left his hometown of Jinmen (Kinmen, 金门) for Singapore. After 8 years, with his skilled craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, he founded Kim Poh Hong at 41 China Street. Today, Kim Poh Hong is run by the 3rd generation of the family. Since the founding, Kim Poh Hong has focused on selling Chinese traditional gold ornaments. Later, as more Peranakan customers brought their jewellery to the shop to sell, set precious stones, clean and repair, Kim Poh Hong gradually branched into creating a new line of Peranakan jewellery and collecting antique gold ornaments and jewellery.

As the third generation of the family took over the business, they continue to develop the business in this direction. Kim Poh Hong has also started a service to specially create Peranakan jewellery and enamel ornaments according to customers' own individual design and taste. Each piece of jewellery is exquisite and unique. In the shop, there is a corner that displays a collection of jewellery and ornaments from the 1950s and 1960s. These items are created by master craftsmen and delicately designed. They are not for sale and are rarely available in the market and can only be found in the museums or with collectors. The display has attracted many people who come specially to view the collection.

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